Whether for advertising, editorial, event, fashion, or fine art the Polaroid 20x24 camera has been the creative tool of choice for more than twenty years.

Come see us at Left Space Studios in San Francisco, or let us bring the camera to you. We've driven and shipped the camera all over the US and Internationally. (including make-shift studios in circus tents, on the beach in West Palm, and in the Oval Office)
Contact us for an estimate to your location.

Film for the Polaroid 20x24 comes from 20x24 Holdings supply of actual, original Polaroid film, acquired as Polaroid was ceasing production. 20x24 Holdings are creating and providing fresh developer "pods" as needed. They have found that although the film is no longer factory fresh, the developer recipe is being adjusted as necessary with beautiful results.

All rentals include the services of Tracy Storer as camera operator. We've worked with artists/photographers at all levels of experience, let's talk about your project and work together to make it happen. (Technical assistance can be as comprehensive or as unobtrusive as desired.)

Rental at Left Space San Francisco: Rates available by request.
Rental in Los Angeles:
While not exactly our back yard, we are looking forward to working in LA more often

Detailed estimates on request per the jobs requirements.


Estimates per clients needs
Polacolor 20x24 film:

$200 per exposure

Other costs:
Film sales on CA shoots are subject to Sales Tax
Local Ca Sales Tax rates apply